Putzmai (Germany Poochmai) company, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou National High-tech zone set up the establishment of abrasive fluid polishing industry Joint Experimental Center, is Asia's largest abrasive flow test center, with the world's first giant abrasive flow polishing equipment and a variety of small and medium-sized type of abrasive flow equipment, Single-minded solution to the overall large-scale aviation blades, complex cavity, internal bending hole, special-shaped hole workpiece, all kinds of mold hole deburring, mirror polishing, is the industry in Europe and the United States in accordance with the principle of extrusion polishing the use of diamond/emery sand and other polymer solid soft abrasives mirror polishing machinery, is the world's most advanced polymer elastic fluid grinding technology, Fluid polishing machine to the upper and lower extrusion movement, so that the polymer solid shell abrasive through the processing surface or inner hole, do reciprocating movement to process the micro-processing of the mirror.

German high polymer elastic fluid abrasive polishing machine for the concave surface and curved channels, such as the usual knives, the complex shape of the tool can not reach the effective, the technology has broken the traditional manual grinding polishing process, so that micro-hole, porous, long hole, curved hole, special-shaped hole of the workpiece polishing more convenient and uniform, especially in gas, The liquid type's conduction tube carries on the mirror polishing, causes the grinding mark and the fluid through the direction to be consistent, effectively enhances the mold or the workpiece performance, the quality as well as the service life, the smoothness achieves the mirror level, the mirror processing may control in the Ra0.2~0.04um.

The fluid polishing machine is suitable for polishing the inner wall surface of workpiece, deburring, chamfering and other related surface processing process, widely used in a variety of high-speed stamping die, tungsten steel screw mold, tungsten wire drawing die, tungsten carbide copper tube mold, aluminum extrusion mold, cemented carbide pharmaceutical mold, powder metallurgy mold, ceramic precision parts, hot glue Road splitter board, Stainless steel spinneret inside micro-hole deburring, semiconductor conduit workpiece, aerospace, internal combustion engine, engine parts and related process processes of the internal bending shaped hole deburring, mirror polishing, has improved quality and improve production capacity of the remarkable effect!

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