To provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, and if the completion of equipment delivery from the date of acceptance of the product to provide a two-year free warranty period.
Accessories Guarantee
The only production-oriented suppliers and system service providers, whether independent production or general agent products, can guarantee the long-term supply of repair accessories.
Customer Relationship Management System
The company set up a national 24H service hotline, and by a person 24 hours to answer, to ensure timely provision of advice and related services.
In the acceptance of the machine, one-on-one service guidance, to provide customers with one-on-one information management, the establishment of customer service management information file database, to ensure the effective management of customer service information, to facilitate long-term service delivery.
Dedicated service team, have to provide customers with one-time service capacity, whether or not the late choice of the supply of supplies or not, the owner of the choice of supplies suppliers, or need my company to provide services, we can meet.
Customer privacy System The customer information file database is managed by a dedicated person to ensure the confidentiality of customer information.

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